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FSGW Doo Wop Sings

Doo Wop Sings are held once a quarter on Saturday evenings at various homes. We use a collection of classic songs from the 1950s and 1960s sung in four-part harmony. We sing primarily those "good old songs" from the early days of rock when voices were more important than guitars, and which relied on close, street-corner harmonies (often with nonsense syllables). Silhouettes, Sh-boom, Blue Moon, and In the Still of the Night are examples of Doo Wop songs, but we occasionally sing other wonderful harmonies by groups such as the Everly Brothers and the Mamas and Papas.

Doo Wop Sings are open to everyone who likes to sing this type of music, and which most of us grew up with and listened to on the radio. Most songs are sung from memory but lyric sheets and songbooks are available. And if you don't remember all the lyrics, you can always ad lib. All in all, it's just great fun.

We start with an optional potluck dinner that usually begins at 5:30, followed by singing that starts at 6:30. Dates and RSVP information about upcoming Doo Wop Sings are included in the monthly newsletter and FSGW calendar. Doo Wop singing sessions led by Flawn Williams are often part of the FSGW Mid-Winter Festival and the Fall Getaway.

Please send an email request to Carla Gladstone to receive reminders and other information about Doo Wop Sings.

For More Information Please Contact
FSGW Doo-Wop Sings Coordinator, Al Kehs
11031 Dobbins Drive
Potomac,MD 20854
Home 301-983-0534

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